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Marine Product & Special Equipment

SEBO TECHNOLOGY develops and fabricates Special Equipment Solutions such as Scrubber, Deck House and Vent Mast customized for the oil & gas industry. In addition, SEBO TECHNOLOGY develops and fabricates various Solutions customized for the shipbuilding industry. Our Special Equipment Solutions are developed based on offshore and oil & gas industry standards capable of meeting the high safety standards as well as the extreme environmental conditions. We offer a total solution approach including engineering, production, testing, and delivery.


It is a device that collects solid or liquid particles suspended in gas by using liquid. All ships should be installed or replaced with one of low sulfur oil, LNG coated engine, and scrubber according to the emission regulation of ship. SEBO TECHNOLOGY manufactures Scrubber as a future-oriented high-value item for preemptive response in accordance with the exhaust gas regulations.

SOx Scrubber Total Solutions

1. BODY assembling

2. BODY assembling2


4. Keep warm

SEBO TECHNOLOGY’s SOx Scrubber is designed, manufactured, and delivered proven quality to suit client needs as well.

  • Single Inlet & Multi Inlet Options
  • System Configuration of Customized
  • Material: SCRUBBER (6 MOLY + SUS316L), OWS & LSS (DUPLEX)
SEBO TECHNOLOGY’s Scrubber Key Quality Control
  • 6Mo Material handling/storage/welding quality assurance.
  • SEBO TECHNOLOGY established “KEY QUALITY CONTROL for SOx Scrubber” and especially
    it is focused Welding of 6Mo material and Acquired WPS of DNV 6Mo (UNS S31254)