CEO Message

Dear Customers,
Thank you for your interest in SEBO TECHNOLOGY.

SEBO TECHNOLOGY is a distinctive company with distinctive capabilities. Since 2022, SEBO TECHNOLOGY has and is still undergoing numerous changes and developments. It is strengthening its core capabilities and competencies while supplementing and improving its shortfalls, all for the purpose of becoming even more distinctive than before.

As such, SEBO TECHNOLOGY do not simply provide global products and services from a simple supplier perspective but, work to discover the "true" needs of our customers by providing successful solutions involving product and technological development, and incorporating different levels of our organization to deliver successful results.

As a testimony of such work ethic and approach, SEBO TECHNOLOGY is the only company whom has been awarded the construction of a welded type aluminum helidecks, such a product is a first in Asia and is unmatched by our competitors.

SEBO TECHNOLOGY merges experience and
expertise with intelligence.

Our project team works to provide our customers with up-to-the-minute
information & communication, valuable insights, and innovative products & solutions.

The leaders who drive our company are experts at collaborating and guiding
our customers through today’s complex engineering, fabrication, and
installation environment. In addition, our R&D Center continuously provides
our customers value
by developing product innovations and technological advances.

The landscape of the business is changing.

SEBO TECHNOLOGY promises to provide extensive services for each and every single customer,
for any project and products, anywhere around the world.
We are dedicated and committed to successfully create value for our customers and to succeed with our customers.
We believe our existence and growth depends not just on our success but,
the success of our customers as well.

We believe SEBO TECHNOLOGY is and will be the right partner for our customers in this tumultuous environment.
We believe we are well suited to serve our customers in their future endeavors.

We kindly ask for your continued interest in our company
and be part of our growth and success.

Thank you.